What we do


Dancesport or also called 10-Dance consist of 5 Latin dances – Samba – Chacha – Rumba – Paso Doble – Jive and 5 Standard dances Walz – Tango – Viennese Walz – Foxtrot – Quickstep

We have classes from beginner all the way to competitve level.

Argentine Tango

Argentine Tango entails  Tango – Vals – Milonga. Starting in September 2022 we will offer beginner classes at Chalmers. 

Beginner classes starting soon...

Come Together Dance Parties

Great way to meet people, make friends, have fun and practise your skills. Indoors in winter and outdoor with BBQ during summer on a sunny day.

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Why Love Dancing?

It simply is a lot of fun exploring the connection with other people and experience what your body is capable of.


Besides all that it is a very healthy full body exercise with a high level of coordinating your movements with a partner, to the music and in space. 

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